March Book Discussion: Decolonizing Anarchism

Please join us for our next meeting on March 25th when we’ll gather to discuss book club participant and fellow Practical Anarchista Maia Ramnath’s Decolonizing Anarchism: An Antiauthoritarian History of India’s Liberation Struggle!

What: Reading and discussion of Decolonizing Anarchism by Maia Ramnath

When: February 25, 2:30pm

Where: Bluestockings, 172 Allen St;

FB Event Page:

Decolonizing Anarchism examines the history of South Asian struggles against colonialism and neocolonialism, highlighting lesser-known dissidents as well as iconic figures. What emerges is an alternate narrative of decolonization, in which liberation is not defined by the achievement of a nation-state. Author Maia Ramnath suggests that the anarchist vision of an alternate society closely echoes the concept of total decolonization on the political, economic, social, cultural, and psychological planes. Decolonizing Anarchism facilitates more than a reinterpretation of the history of anticolonialism; it also supplies insight into the meaning of anarchism itself.

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