2013 Anarchist Interview Project


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Anarchist Interview Project – with your words, your pictures, and your thoughtfulness, candor, and care.

If you were unable to join us in the interview booth at the Anarchist Book Fair but would like to interview, please let us know: practicalanarchynyc@riseup.net.

**** UPDATE**** Click HERE for the first group of excerpts and artwork from the interview project. We’re finishing up the first leg of the project and will be meeting soon to figure out our next steps. Until then, we hope that you’ll find the material at the link to be thoughtful, authentic, maddening, interesting, funny and the rest.

Project Announcement and Overview

Where: The (2013) 7th Annual NYC Anarchist Book Fair @ The Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center located at 107 Suffolk Street, New York, NY 10002 [for more information about the Anarchist Book Fair, see: http://anarchistbookfair.net/

When: April 6-7, 2013 – Saturday from 11AM – 9PM & Sunday from 12PM – 7PM

  • What does anarchism mean to you?
  • How does being an anarchist inform your daily life?
  • What difference does it make? How are you an anarchist?

The Anarchist Interview Project is an effort to record, gather, and share stories of the experiences of anarchism as told by attendees of the NYC Anarchist Book Fair, 2013.

The project originates from a desire to respond to (not answer) questions about anarchism that arose – and that are always arising – out of our own process of self-reflection, as well as questions from curious friends, family, and sometimes strangers. The project takes the shape of story-telling for several reasons:

First, we believe that story-telling embodies a kind of anarchist ethics: it is an invitation to others to discover and explore possibilities for solidarity and is itself part of a practice of mutual aid. By sharing our stories we are creating bridges to others. Second, it is our sense that personal stories, more than theoretical propositions, are at the heart of why one is or becomes an anarchist, or sympathizes with anarchist values. It is these stories that carry the possibility of reaching and resonating with others. Finally, we approach the question of what anarchism is having rejected the idea that there is anything – any one thing – that anarchism is. Rather, there are only the many responses and experiences of people rooted in as many contexts – social, geographic, temporal and so on. We prefer to speak of many anarchisms.

Our hope is that the stories gathered through this project will weave together a grand, surprising, ever changing tapestry, revealing both our diversity and differences as well as our connectedness. Solidarity!

The first outcome of the Anarchist Interview Project will be a zine distributed online and in hardcopy containing transcriptions of the stories recorded.

NOTE: We will endeavour to transcribe your words as accurately as possible, although we may lightly edit your transcript for clarity and to avoid repetition. Before we publish your transcript, we will get in touch with you to make sure that you still wish to participate in the project.


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